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Meet Your New Duo!

Just in time for #NationalPetDay, we’re partnering with Trolli — makers of the unexpected new sour gummy candy, Sour Duo Crawlers — to help unexpected shelter pets, whether feathered, finned, or furry, find forever homes.

‘Adopt’ a Gummi

From National Pet Day (April 11) through National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day (April 30), you can enter to “adopt” a Sour Duo Crawler. If selected, you’ll receive a certificate of adoption and a personalized shipment of Trolli Sour Duo Crawlers in the mail.

‘apply’ here

Help Real Pets

With the Trolli Dynamic Duo Grant, we’re helping adoption groups find homes for the birds, rabbits, reptiles, barnyard critters, and other unexpected pets in their care by providing funds to reduce adoption fees. Want to adopt a real unexpected pet of your own? Head to!

adopt unexpected pets

Make a Difference

Most people head to a pet store when they’re in the market for a hamster, reptile, etc. With the Trolli Dynamic Duo Grant, we’re spreading the word that these pets can be adopted! Maddie (pictured) is just one unexpected pet who will benefit from a Trolli Dynamic Duo Grant.

adopt unexpected pets