Sponsor a Pet Terms of Service

To participate in the Sponsor a Pet program, your animal shelter or rescue group must:

  • Be a Petfinder member in good standing with adoptable pets posted on Petfinder.com. You may not post pets that are not available for adoption, per Petfinder.com Terms of Service.
  • Agree to use donations for the care and feeding of the sponsored pet or, if funds are not needed for that pet, for other adoptable pets in your organization’s care.
  • Provide an active and frequently checked email address to which the Petfinder Foundation can send notifications and echecks.
  • Send timely and courteous thank-you emails to donors.
  • Cash your distribution check within six months of disbursement. If you do not do so, the funds will be reallocated by the Petfinder Foundation.

Participation in Sponsor a Pet is voluntary. The Petfinder Foundation reserves the right to deactivate any member’s enrollment in Sponsor a Pet for any reason and without notice. Members who wish to unenroll from Sponsor a Pet must email [email protected].

Read Sponsor A Pet FAQs for Petfinder members.