Sponsor A Pet: Terms and Conditions

The Sponsor a Pet program encourages the community to help homeless pets by sponsoring their shelter and care until the day they find a forever home. When someone has found a homeless pet that has touched their heart but they are unable to provide that pet their forever home, this program gives them the avenue to help. Even a small contribution can give a homeless pet the chance that they deserve.

Below are the basic terms and conditions for participation in the program. To participate in the Sponsor a Pet program, you must:

  • Agree to use the grant for the care and feeding of pets and/or operational expenses for the shelter or rescue group.
  • Be a Petfinder member in good standing.
  • Provide shelter contact information, including EIN.
  • Provide shelter intake, adoption and euthanasia numbers.
  • Participate in completing monthly surveys about the awarded grant.
  • Participate in press releases drafted by the Petfinder Foundation.
  • Submit pictures and adoption stories to the Petfinder Foundation of pets who were helped with the grant award.
  • Maintain current and accurate organizational contact information in the Sponsor a Pet admin system.
  • Send timely thank you notes to donors who have chosen to share their information with your organization.
  • Claim your donations within 6 months of disbursement. If the Petfinder Foundation is not able to distribute your Sponsor A Pet donations to your organization after 6 months, the funds will be reallocated by the Petfinder Foundation to award shelters and rescue groups grants so that they can better care for their homeless pets. All Petfinder members have the opportunity to apply for Petfinder Foundation grants; see our current opportunities here.

Read Sponsor A Pet FAQs for Petfinder members.