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Sponsor a Pet: FAQs

Are you with a member shelter or rescue group? Read our Sponsor a Pet member FAQs here.

What is the Sponsor a Pet program?

Sponsor a Pet is a way for you to help homeless pets even if you can’t adopt. By donating though our secure payment system, you can help an adoption group care for a specific pet while he or she waits to be adopted.

What is the Petfinder Foundation?

The Petfinder Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity that gives grants to animal shelters and rescue groups. Since 2003, we have provided more than $25 million in grants to adoption groups throughout North America.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation will be passed along to the shelter or rescue group caring for the pet you sponsored. The Petfinder Foundation keeps 10% of each donation, which partly covers the cost of running the Sponsor a Pet program.

What if I donate to a group that doesn’t participate in Sponsor A Pet?

If an adoption group has opted out of Sponsor a Pet, you will see that it does not participate and be offered the option to donate to the Petfinder Foundation to help care for the pets in the greatest need.

Is my donation one-time, or recurring?

Your gift is a one-time donation.

Will the shelter or rescue group be given my contact information?

Yes, the adoption group caring for the pet you sponsored will receive your email address. This is the only time the Petfinder Foundation ever shares your contact information.

Is my credit-card information safe?

Yes. Your donation is securely processed by Stripe. Neither the Petfinder Foundation nor the adoption organization with the pet you’re sponsoring ever receives your credit-card data.

When will the adoption group receive my donation?

We distribute Sponsor a Pet donations to adoption groups once per quarter, aggregated into a single check for each adoption group. However, organizations are notified of your donation immediately after you make your gift. They receive your name, email address, the amount you donated, the name of the pet you sponsored, and any personal message you included.

What will the adoption group use my donation for?

That’s up to them, but common uses include food, veterinary care and enrichment (such as toys and training). If the pet you sponsored is adopted or for any other reason your donation is not needed for his or her care, the organization will use your gift to care for its other homeless pets.

Does Petfinder or the Petfinder Foundation take a part of my donation?

Donations are collected by the Petfinder Foundation (a nonprofit), not (the website). The Petfinder Foundation keeps 10 percent of all donations to partly cover the cost of maintaining the Sponsor a Pet program.

How can I learn more about the pet I sponsored?

You will need to contact the adoption group directly. The group’s email address is included in the email receipt you will receive immediately after making your donation.

What if I have other questions?

Please email us at [email protected] or call 520-207-0626. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time.