PuddinGoals and Methods
Our mission is to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets. We work to achieve that end by helping animal shelters and rescue groups save pets’ lives via:

1. Increasing adoption rates
2. Caring for pets after natural and man-made disasters
3. Becoming self-sustaining operations

The Petfinder Foundation gives grants of cash, training and equipment, and supplies to adoption groups so that they can implement those strategies and decrease euthanasia rates.

Data Collection
The Petfinder Foundation requires thorough reporting from every organization that receives a grant from us. While requirements vary according to grant, each grant recipient must provide at least the following:

• A monthly accounting of numbers of incoming animals, numbers of adoptions and number of animals euthanized, all broken out by species
• For cash grants, a written description of how the funds were used
• A written description of how the grant helped pets in the organization’s care
• Stories about and photos of individual pets helped by the grant
• A net total of number of pets helped by the grant
• A final written report on how the grant was used and results achieved

Disaster Grants
In the disaster grant application, organizations are asked how many of the animals in their care they expect to be impacted by the disaster and, when applicable, how many evacuees’ pets they expect to house temporarily.

They are asked the total amount of grant money they anticipate needing to achieve a desired result of 0% euthanasia and a 100% reunion rate of displaced pets, and the amount of grant money they want from the Petfinder Foundation.

Often multiple organizations and government agencies contribute cash and product to shelters during times of disaster.

A Shot at Life: Vaccination Grants
In the Shot at Life grant application, shelters are asked to provide intake, adoption, euthanasia and return rates for both cats and dogs.

If awarded the grant they are required to submit a monthly accounting of numbers of incoming cats/dogs, numbers of cats/dogs adopted, number of cats/dogs euthanized and number of cats/dogs euthanized due to illness.

The overall goal is to vaccinate the animals against common shelter illnesses and as a result reduce the number of animals euthanized due to illness.