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Voting for Fuzzy Nation Finalists

The Petfinder Foundation is extremely excited to be Fuzzy Nation’s partner for the Fuzzy Nation Super Model contest. The contest, in its second year, does an excellent job in promoting adoption by showing that an adopted dog can be a Super Model too! Each of the 100 dogs and shelters who made it to the final round are worthy of the much needed funds Fuzzy Nation is donating.

Unfortunately, some people are accusing others of cheating and misusing the multiplier codes Fuzzy Nation introduced this year. It is important to note that these concerns are not valid and there are safeguards in place to ensure cheating is not happening.

It clearly states in the Terms and Conditions of the contest that “Codes on Fuzzy
Nation merchandise may be used to multiply the value of a vote up to 100x, once. Multiple uses of the same code by the same user will not be counted.” Every person who votes has a unique Facebook ID number. By looking at a log of all the votes, we can determine who has used codes multiple times, and these votes will not be counted. We are following the log and will address issues of misuse as they arise. Furthermore, the voting application is safeguarded against automated scripts. Any claims that automated scripts or any other automatic voting method are being used are false.

Last year’s winner, Francis, presenting the donation check to CARA

We encourage the finalists to send email blasts, post on Facebook, and reach out to local media to get support behind their entrant. Fuzzy Nation has hidden a code on their website and created a scavenger hunt to complete to find it.  Click here to find out more.

Let’s not forget what this contest is about – promoting adoption! Last year’s winner, Francis, inspired us all with his story of overcoming all odds thanks to the support of Community Animal Rescue and Adoption. He presented his grand prize check to CARA at a large adoption event that was a celebration of the spirit of this contest.

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