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Top 10 Ways You Helped Homeless Pets in 2013

1. You helped us rush aid to All About Animals Rescue in Macon, Ga., to help dogs like Mic and others injured during a shelter break-in in which three dogs were killed. (Read more about our grant and learn about adopting Mic.)

Mic bears scars from the incident at All About Animals Rescue in Macon, Ga.
Mic bears scars from the crime at All About Animals Rescue in Macon, Ga.

2. You helped us grant $10,000 to fund a mobile adoption unit for Wright-Way Rescue in Niles, Ill., after the shelter’s facility was destroyed by a schoolbus. (Learn more.)

No children were on board the bus at the time of the crash on Oct. 2, and miraculously, no people or animals were injured.

3. You helped us teach shelter staff and volunteers to take great pet photos, helping hard-to-place dogs like Shelby find families. (Learn more.)

Shelby (Photo: Humane Society of Southern Arizona)

4. You helped us give $26,000 to aid abused and neglected farm animals, including horses like Page. (Learn more about Page’s transformation.)

Page (Photo: Center Valley Animal Rescue)
Page, a 25-year-old thoroughbred, before and after her rescue (Photo: Center Valley Animal Rescue)

5. You helped us give shelters vaccines so they can focus their limited time and resources on finding homes for pets like Thor. (Read more about Thor’s adoption.)

You helped Thor find a home. (Photo: Cleburne Animal Shelter)
You helped Thor find a home. (Photo: Cleburne Animal Shelter)

6. You helped us rush $9,000 to shelters working to save pets like Melody from the deadly Colorado floods. (Learn more about our grant and learn about adopting Melody.)

MELODY _ longmont humane
Melody (Photo: Longmont Humane Society)

7. You helped us give thousands to protect pets like Joey from the California Rim Fire. (Learn more.)

Joey is at the Humane Society of Tuolumne County, which just received a disaster grant.
Joey (Photo: Humane Society of Tuolumne County)

8. You helped us fund a trailer that helped rescuers save 367 dogs from a massive multistate dog-fighting ring. (Learn more.)

One of the 367 dogs rescued from a multistate dog-fighting ring (Photo: ASPCA)

9. Thanks to your donations, we gave more than $50,000 in cash and product to help pets affected by the devastating Oklahoma tornado. (Learn more.)

Chance’s grandmother broke down in tears when she discovered he was alive. (Photo: Central Oklahoma Humane Society)

10. With your help, we gave Summer Cooling Grants that not only kept pets (including donkeys!) comfortable during the summer months, but also increased adoptions by making potential adopters more comfortable at shelters. (Learn more.)

Bear (Photo: Pima Animal Care Center)
Bear (Photo: Pima Animal Care Center)

To celebrate our tenth year of helping homeless pets, all week we’ve been sharing our favorite Success Stories from 2013. Thank you for helping us save lives since 2003!

Make your year-end, tax-deductible donation to the Petfinder Foundation today to help us save more homeless pets in 2014!

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