Top 10 Puppy Mill Dogs Who Found Hope in 2013

1. Charlotte, a puppy mill breeder until she was taken in by Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. in Reinholds, Pa., is all smiles now. (Read Charlotte’s story.)

2. After a Wheatland, N.D., puppy mill was raided, Howie — who was dreadlocked, frightened and completely unsocialized — hid from his rescuers for 29 days. 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo was finally able to take him in, and now he is adopted and enjoying the pampered life every Bichon deserves. (Read Howie’s story.)

Howie (Photo: 4 Luv of Dog Rescue)

Howie (Photo: 4 Luv of Dog Rescue)

3. Mocha came to Boston Terrier Rescue Canada in Arnprior, Ont., in desperate need of surgery to correct her luxating patella. After extensive vetting and surgery to fix her ailing knees, she found her perfect family. (Read Mocha’s story.)

4. It seemed like 3-lb., 3-year-old Thor might never be able to walk on his own when he came to Maple Hill Farm Toy Breed Rescue in Butler, Ohio, after living his whole life behind puppy mill bars. He defied the odds by building up his leg muscles, and he is now walking on his own! (Read Thor’s story and learn about adopting him.)

5. When Zoe came to Safehaven Small Breed Rescue of Tionesta, Pa., her filthy coat was painfully matted. After she was groomed, spayed and had her teeth cleaned, she was adopted within three days. Now all this former puppy mill breeder has to do is relax! (Get Zoe’s whole story.)

6. Veronica Miller was surrendered with 27 other breeding dogs to HELP the Animals, Inc. of Richmond, Ind., when a puppy mill closed. She was frightened, filthy, and — like the other dogs — had probably never received any medical treatment. Finally, Veronica is living the good life she deserves. (Read Veronica’s story.)

Veronica Miller - after

Veronica (Photo: HELP the Animals, Inc.)

7. After Kayla spent her entire six years as a puppy mill breeder, her teeth were broken or worn down to nubs from chewing on her cage bars. When she was surrendered to Animal Rescue, Inc. of Maryland Line, Md., she was so frightened that she could only sit on her bed and shake uncontrollably. With lots of love, patience and help from these lovely adopters, the Labrador Retriever is finally living the good life! (Read Kayla’s whole story.)

Kayla (Photo: Animal Rescue, Inc.)

Kayla (Photo: Animal Rescue, Inc.)

8. The volunteers at Maple Hill Farm Toy Breed Rescue in Butler, Ohio, say Angel was “a hairy mess” when she came to them from a rural Ohio puppy mill. They had to shave her so she could see, and then they had to bathe her several times to get the puppy mill stench off of her. All Angel needs now is a home of her own for the holidays. (Read Angel’s story and learn about adopting her.)

9. Lyza was a frightened girl with multiple abscesses in her mouth when she came to Coulee Region Humane Society in Onalaska, Wis. After receiving a teeth cleaning, multiple extractions and her spay surgery, she found a quiet home with wonderful people who’ve taught her that the world is not a scary place. (Read Lyza’s story.)

10. Leroy came to National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs from a Missouri mill where he had been exposed to parasites and was covered in fleas and ticks, with a bad ear infection and an eye needing surgery because of past ulcerations. Leroy was given medical care and placed with a foster family that taught him that people are worth trusting. (Read Leroy’s story.)

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  1. Rainy

    how can humans be so cruel to animals but thank goodness there are humans that step up to the plate and take care of these beautiful creatures no matter cat dog or any other creature we humans feel we can do anything to. Thank you all. We have 9 rescue cats and 1 dog. We love animals.