Top 10 Kittens Making ‘Adopt Me’ Faces of 2013

Here are some of our favorite kittens of 2013. All of them have found their forever homes!

1. Blinky (pictured) and her siblings Inky, Stinky, Winky, Pinky and Dinky were brought to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc. by a kind woman who found them under her porch. One foster parent bottle fed the whole group so they could stay together, and they have all been adopted! (Read their story.)

Blinky (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc.)

Blinky (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Inc.)

2. Marcus and Mandy were just 1 week old when someone found them, their brothers and their mother trying to survive in an old shed near Duluth, Minn. At Warm Fuzzies Animal Rescue Inc., volunteer foster families cared for the tiny kittens until they were ready for adoption. (Read the kittens’ story.)

Marcus and Mandy (Photo: Warm Fuzzies Animal Rescue Inc.)

Marcus (left) and Mandy (Photo: Warm Fuzzies Animal Rescue Inc.)

3. Shortly after Cowboy and his siblings were born, they and their mother were dumped in a Baton Rouge, La., neighborhood and ended up at animal control. Not long after Cat Haven took them all in, handsome Cowboy found his own home! (Read their story.)

Cowboy (Photo: Cat Haven)

Cowboy (Photo: Cat Haven)

4. After Cornbread’s owners surrendered her to Iredell County Animal Services in Statesville, N.C., her soulful gaze helped her find a new home. She now lives with a family where a 2-year-old child cherishes her! (Read Cornbread’s story.)

5. Kitty City Kansas Rescue in Lenexa, Kan., says that Faith is very playful and a normal Siamese kitten in every way — with the exception of her deformed front legs, a result of inbreeding. They makes her look like a baby T-Rex when she walks, but Faith doesn’t let that slow her down — and she was adopted by a family that loves her for it! (Read Faith’s story.)

6. Could Thaddeus be any more excited to meet you? He and his seven siblings were born right after Animal Care Society in Louisville, Ky., took in his very pregnant mother. (Read his story.)


Thaddeus (Photo: Animal Care Society)

7. Paws South Florida Rescue, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., was able to save stray kittens including Peter, Punkin and Paul with help from a homeless man who cares for the cats living in a local park. (Read their story.)

Clockwise from let, Peter, Punkin and Paul (Photo: Paws South Florida Rescue, Inc.)

Clockwise from left: Peter, Punkin and Paul (Photo: Paws South Florida Rescue, Inc.)

8. Last summer, Adina, who was named after a song by the punk rock band Rancid, met the members of the band backstage. The buzzed-about meet-and-greet helped Motley Zoo Animal Rescue of Redmond, Wash., find a terrific home for her. (Read Adina’s story.)

Matt Freeman of Rancid and Adina (Photo: Motley Zoo Animal Rescue)

Matt Freeman of Rancid and Adina (Photo: Motley Zoo Animal Rescue)

9. When Jojo and his six siblings were abandoned behind a hardware store in Colorado Springs, an employee contacted local organization Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. One of Jojo’s siblings did not survive, but he and the rest of his brothers and sisters flourished, and Wild Blue found them all homes! (Read their story.)

10. Georgie, Levi, Ace and Dutch were tossed out in a wooded area of Salem County, N.J. Maddie & Friends of Salem took the kittens in, treated them for parasites and let them hone their perfectly coordinated “Adopt Me” stares. (Read their whole story.)

(Photo: Maddie & Friends)

From left: Georgie, Levi, Ace and Dutch (Photo: Maddie & Friends)

To celebrate our tenth year of helping homeless pets, all week we’ll be sharing our favorite Success Stories from 2013. Check back tomorrow for another Top 10, and thank you for helping us save lives since 2003!

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  1. Robert Jackson

    Do you help out in Lubbock Texas? I’m a sucker for cute faced and dweebed kittens. Right now I’m unable to have any of my own.I do feed several homeless cats/kittens. If you send me more info I might be able to donate a little. Do you accept debit? Wounded Warriors does. Anyway let me know. Have a great and successful 2014. Love the pics.