Top 10 Horse Comebacks of 2013

1. Vincent lost his ears when he was attacked by a pack of dogs while tethered to a tree. Rehabilitated by Triple R Equine Rescue Ranch in Greensburg, Ind., this gentle boy is now one of the stars of the group’s Unbridled Potential program, which pairs horses with at-risk youth. (Read Vincent’s story.)

2. Petey came to New England Equine Rescue North in West Newbury, Mass., emaciated and in need of shots, deworming and dental care. He has since become a barn favorite and field champion! (Read Petey’s story.)

3. Found wandering alone, severely malnourished, Lucky was taken in by Local Equine Assistance Network (L.E.A.N.) in Las Vegas. When he had returned to a healthy weight, he began to show symptoms of arthritis. Supplements have greatly helped with his pain and he’s finally ready for his own home. (Read Lucky’s story and learn more about adopting him.)

Lucky (Photo: L.E.A.N.)

Lucky (Photo: L.E.A.N.)

4. Echo was a Reserve Champion last summer, and then dumped at an auction in the fall. He caught a bug at the auction house and his health did a downward spiral. He came dangerously close to being put down, but then the miniature horse was taken in by Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Haven Society of Chilliwack, B.C.  The group treated Echo’s sinus infection, and this brave little horse was valiant throughout the process. (Read Echo’s story.)

5. Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc. of Sylmar, Calif., took in Lakota after he had been severely abused and neglected. The group brought him back to health, but he still has a lameness issue they are working to improve. With his special diet and holistic veterinary care, Lakota has made remarkable progress and should be ready to find a permanent home within a year or two. (Read Lakota’s story.)

Lakota (Photo: Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.)

Lakota (Photo: Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc.)

6. Page, a 25-year-old thoroughbred, gained 20 much-needed pounds in the first 24 hours after she was rescued by Center Valley Animal Rescue in Quilcene, Wash. Her health and weight have only continued to improve! (Read Page’s story.)

7. Windsong was 25 years old and in poor condition when she was taken in by Doxy’s Horse Recovery in Afton, N.Y. Through improved nutrition, dentist visits and good daily care, she blossomed into a handsome senior and was adopted to a loving home! (Read Windsong’s story.)

Windsong (Photo: Doxy's horse recovery)

Windsong (Photo: Doxy’s Horse Recovery)

8. This starving horse’s owners had never even given him a name when they decided it was time to shoot him. Thankfully, he was rescued by Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary in Elkhart Lake, Wis., where he was named Rudy. He was so weak that he collapsed several times as he struggled to walk into the barn, but his health has since improved significantly. (Read Rudy’s story.)

9. Twenty-year-old Branch was a skinny stallion when he was dumped at animal control. He was rescued by L.E.A.N. in Las Vegas and has since been gelded and brought up to a healthy weight. He is looking for a relaxed retirement home. (Read Branch’s story and learn about adopting him.)

Branch (Photo: L.E.A.N.)

Branch (Photo: L.E.A.N.)

10. Storm was 2 years old, wild and untrained when she was surrendered to Dream Equine Therapy Center in York, S.C. She’s since been transformed into this 13-year-old girl’s well-behaved riding partner and best friend! (Read Storm’s story.)

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