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Tartufo and Tiramisu


Rescued from homelessness in 2011 after their previous owner passed away, an exceptionally sweet brother-sister pair of cats who we named Tartufo and Tiramisu brought us great joy for 2½ years before they both suddenly succumbed to cancer this fall at age 9. Although they are gone from our arms, they will forever remain in our hearts.

We first discovered them on Petfinder when they were put up for adoption by Animal Rescue Force in East Brunswick, NJ. Although they were both shy at the adoption site, they almost instantly transformed into gregarious cuddle bugs within minutes of arriving at our house. We were honored to have inherited these wonderful little beings.

Beautiful inside and out, Tartufo routinely and cheerfully came up to the front door to greet all visitors to the house — from toddlers to senior citizens — and made a point of always following us from room to room, never letting us out of his sight.

Tiramisu’s thunderous purrs earned her the moniker of “Earthquaker.” Her seemingly limitless capacity to give and receive love and make extensive conversation — even throughout her illness — made her a veritable supernova of joy.

We are so grateful to Animal Rescue Force for rescuing and caring for Tartufo and Tiramisu prior to their finding their way to us, as we are to Petfinder for helping us find our way to them.–Claire Sterling

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