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Texas Disaster Grant: NaNook and Koda

What was the money or product used for?
The 2021 Disaster Grant money was used to purchase two generators and replace an a/c wall unit that was damaged when the power outage occurred.

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?
This grant allowed us to purchase two generators to run our buildings’ electricity so that the dogs will not be without heat or air conditioning, lights, refrigeration of medications, foods, etc., again. During the last storm, power was knocked out in our area for three days. For three days, our founder dogpiled with all the dogs in our rescue in one room in between outside time to keep them warm.

How many pets did this grant help?

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.
Four days before the Texas storm hit, four puppies were dumped about 20 miles outside of our rural town. We took these babies in and named them Cupid, Teddy, Paddy, and Nora. They were scared and timid and cold. It was difficult to get them to pile up with the other dogs and our founder, but she struggled through and kept these four and all the other dogs warm. Now, if a storm or other disaster ever knocks the power out again, the dogs will be warm or cool in their own spaces without such a struggle to pile up. Food and meds that are refrigerated will be safe.–Toni M. Burleson, Director



Your Donations Helped These Texas Pets

Clarisse at Heart of Texas SPCA

If you donated to the Petfinder Foundation’s Disaster Fund, your gift helped countless pets survive freezing temperatures and power and water outages in Texas.

Here are just a few of the adoption groups to which the Petfinder Foundation sent Disaster Grants thanks to donations like yours:

Maxine at Heart of Texas SPCA

Heart of Texas SPCA in Boerne suffered damage to its outdoor kennels. “The amount of snow we received caused our tarp covers to rip away from the frames,” says Director Paula Oberle. “The kennels became filled with snow, too wet and cold to use.” The group rescued several dogs from the street during the deep freeze, including Clarisse (top) and Maxine (above) and her puppies.

Roxie at Texas Best Choices

Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue in Quinlan had to purchase heat lamps, space heaters, and other equipment to keep its 65 resident animals warm. “The Texas winter storm hit us hard,” says co-founder Karen Cadis. “The overall electric bill will also be much more than normal: It’s projected at over $1,000.

Carlos at Footbridge Foundation

Footbridge Foundation in San Antonio lost heat and power, but still provided emergency shelter to animals who would otherwise have been exposed to the elements. “Out of the 20 additional animals that we were able to rescue just before the storm, five needed immediate and extensive medical care,” says President Wendy Bennett Black.

Sulfur at Missy’s Haven

Other organizations we’ve helped so far include A Doggie 4 You in Pipe Creek, which took in 42 dogs needing emergency shelter and Missy’s Haven in San Antonio and NaNook & NaKoda’s Big Paw Rescue in Brownwood, both of which lost heat and power.

It’s only thanks to donors like you that we are able to help during times of disaster or crisis, and we are incredibly grateful.

Thank you for all that you do to help pets in need.