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Sadie and Allison

Sadie was one of those dogs who was friendly to anyone and everyone. She had a very energetic personality that would brighten up anyone’s day. Sadie, a Brittany Spaniel and a hunting dog by nature, loved to run around the back yard and playfully bark and point at all the birds and animals that would walk or fly by. She was always very alert and aware of her surroundings, which made her a perfectly family dog.

At such a young age, I never felt unsafe while I was around her. Sadie was my partner in crime, always by my side. She even helped me eat my ice cream cones! I remember clear as day, on a hot summer afternoon when I was in my back yard playing on my wooden play set, minding my own business eating my vanilla ice cream cone … Sadie came over
and helped herself to the rest of my ice cream cone. I was really angry at first, but then later realized she was probably just trying to help me when she noticed that more of the ice cream was dripping on me than ending up in my mouth.

After that day, Sadie eating my ice cream cones became a weekly thing, but I didn’t mind.

To this day I still miss Sadie. She was the first dog that I remember from when I was growing up. And I was definitely her favorite out of everyone in my family, which clearly explains why she only liked to eat my ice cream.

Though Sadie is no longer with me today, she lived a long, wonderful life, and passed at the age of 15. I cannot wait for the day that I have a dog of my own just like Sadie, to share experiences with and enjoy the friendship that comes along with having a companion just as energetic and fun-loving as Sadie. It has been many years since Sadie’s passing, but to this day, she always holds a special place in my heart.–Allison Michelle Vergara

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