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rue at moms

I adopted Rue from a local rescue in Anchorage, Alaska, where he had been returned twice. Rue was about two years old had been abused and neglected and was very shy and afraid of humans. After a couple days of hiding under the bed, he finally was coaxed out for a meal of tuna and dog kibble (he loved tuna more than anything).

Within a few weeks he started to trust and loved to come along for runs, hikes, and car rides. For a 25-pound pup he was fearless, loved to climb mountains, and even chased a moose! We think he was a Westie mix, but with his long legs, he was more of a sprinter, and wow could he run, run, run!

When I moved to Washington 11 years ago, Rue was already 16 and we worried about how to get him safely from Anchorage to Seattle. My vet said driving him would be best, so we took to the road for a three-day, 2,300-mile trip. Rue loved the drive and got to stay in hotels along the way; he thought he was a rock star.

Two years later, and a despite enjoying the less-extreme weather in Washington, Rue started to decline, had multiple seizures, and stopped eating; the vet mentioned that he was a very old dog at 18 and it was probably time to let him go. That was over eight years ago and this past year I decided I was ready to adopt again. I wish I had not waited so long; having my new rescue, Buck, has been such a joy and being part of a dog community again is so rewarding.–Joanne Landry

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