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R.O.A.R. to Relieve Abandoned Dogs’ Anxiety

Give to us through Global Giving from 10/14-11/12 and have double the impact for homeless dogs like Daisy.

Our grant helped Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Ind., comfort nervous Daisy (above) when she came to the organization pregnant and suffering from heartworm. And if you donate to us through Global Giving from Oct. 14-Nov. 12, you’ll help twice as many homeless pets like her.

For those 30 days, Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. is matching donations to the Petfinder Foundation dollar-for-dollar (learn more about the campaign here). That means twice as many shelter dogs can be calm and comfortable while they wait for their forever homes. Shelter representative Larai Dicus tells us how our ThunderShirt grant program has helped prepare Daisy for adoption:

Daisy 2

“Daisy came to us pregnant and heartworm positive. After delivering her puppies and recuperating we started her heartworm treatment. Daisy has successfully completed her heartworm treatment and has been living in a foster home. Her foster mom has been using a ThunderShirt to help Daisy cope with her anxiety, as she barked constantly at every noise.

“I recently fostered Daisy so her foster mom could take a much needed vacation. Daisy had acclimated to living with her foster mom but with her leaving she brought me the ThunderShirt to use on her. I was amazed at how she would relax.

“Thank you so much for the grant.”

Daisy and thousands more homeless dogs across the United States have benefited by our grant program, supported by our friends at ThunderShirt.

Donate to us through Global Giving from Oct. 14-Nov. 12 to double your impact!

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