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R.O.A.R. to Help Adoptable Kittens Find Loving Homes

Pebbles  - BI
Give to us through Global Giving through Nov. 12 and have double the impact for homeless kittens like Pebbles.

Our grant helped Lollypop Farm in Rochester, N.Y., find a loving family for Pebbles (pictured) after she was born to a stray mother cat. And if you donate to us through Global Giving through Nov. 12, you’ll help twice as many homeless pets like her.

Through Nov. 12, Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. is matching donations to the Petfinder Foundation dollar-for-dollar (learn more about the campaign here). That means your donation will help twice as many adoptable cats and kittens find forever homes. Director of Development Jennifer Gibson tells us how our vaccination grant made a difference for 150 cats at the organization, including Pebbles:

“Pebbles found a wonderful new home with Michelle, and has a new human brother Sammy! Little Pebbles was actually born here at the shelter to a kitty who had been found as a stray. Thanks in part to this generous grant, mom was vaccinated against feline distemper and her kittens were born healthy. Pebbles spent some time in foster care growing up, but she recently returned to the shelter, ready to find a home.

Our grant helped Moose find a home with Kelly.
Our grant helped Moose find a home with Kelly.

“When Sammy and Michelle came to the shelter today, it was love at first sight when they saw Pebbles. They could not wait to get their newest family member home, and thanks to the care Pebbles received while at Lollypop Farm, including FVRCP vaccines from the Shot At Life grant, they were confident that they were taking home a healthy kitten.”

Shelter Manager Erin Sandle adds: “We are so grateful for the Shot at Life vaccination grant given to us by the Petfinder Foundation. With the FVRCP vaccinations that we received, we were able to confidently adopt healthy cats into wonderful new homes, knowing that they were protected against viruses such as feline distemper.”

Pebbles, Moose (above) and many other cats across the United States have been helped by our A Shot at Life vaccination grant program, supported by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., The Animal Rescue Site, and your generous donations.

Donate to us through Global Giving through Nov. 12 to double your impact!

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