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R.O.A.R. to Help Hard-to-place Dogs Find Homes

Give to us through Global Giving from 10/14-11/12 and have double the impact for homeless dogs like Marshmallow.

Our grant helped Bless the Beasts Canine Placement Program in Nickerson, Kan., find the perfect family for Marshmallow (above), who was relinquished several times because of his separation anxiety. And if you donate to us through Global Giving from Oct. 14-Nov. 12, you’ll help twice as many homeless pets like him.

For those 30 days, Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. is matching donations to the Petfinder Foundation dollar-for-dollar (learn more about the campaign here). Bless the Beasts’ Karla Limon tells us how our grant helped the group care for Marshmallow, get his teeth fixed and stick with him until he found the right home:

“Marshmallow is a Bichon whom we rescued from a pound several years ago. He had separation anxiety, so he would act out inappropriately at times. He was in two homes that decided he was too much before finding what we thought was the perfect home for him with a stay-at-home ‘mom.’

“After 3½ years, they contacted us and said he was ‘too needy’ and just wanted to follow her around all the time. We told her that is why they call them companion animals, but we didn’t want him in a home where he was not loved and cared for, so we asked her to bring him back immediately.

“He was badly in need of dental care because they left him in a crate too much and he had worn his teeth down to nubs.

“He is now in a home we wish had come along years ago, where he is the center of attention. She is a young disabled woman who needed him as much as he needed her.”

Marshmallow and many other dogs at Bless the Beasts Canine Placement Program were helped by our operation grant program supported by Pedigree.

Donate to us through Global Giving from Oct. 14-Nov. 12 to double your impact!

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