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R.O.A.R. to Comfort Retired Racing Greyhounds

Pepper - NE Ohio Greyhound
Give to us on Global Giving through 11/12 and have double the impact for homeless dogs like Pepper.

Our grant to Northeast Ohio Greyhound Rescue in Harpersfield, Ohio, helped the group comfort retired racing Greyhounds during times of stress. And if you donate to us on Global Giving through 11/12, you’ll help twice as many homeless pets like Pepper (above).

For those 30 days, Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. is matching donations to the Petfinder Foundation dollar-for-dollar (learn more about the campaign here). Rescue President Duane Jackson tells us how our ThunderShirt grant is helping the group comfort Pepper, a recently retired Greyhound who was struggling to cope with her new life:

“She was a little nervous when she transitioned from track to a home, and to help her, we use a ThunderShirt. She LOVES it and would wear it 24/7 if she could. We always put it on her when we take her into new situations and to potentially stressful places like pet stores and vets. She has been picked to be adopted and will be going home shortly, with her ThunderShirt, of course! THANKS!!!!”

Donate to us through Global Giving through 11/12 to double your impact!

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