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R.O.A.R. to Bring Stray Puppies Back to Health

Give to us through Global Giving from 10/14-11/12 and have double the impact for homeless dogs like Blaze.

When you donate to us through Global Giving from Oct. 14-Nov. 12, you’ll help twice as many stray puppies in need of medical treatment like Blaze (above).

For those 30 days, Animal Planet’s R.O.A.R. is matching donations to the Petfinder Foundation dollar-for-dollar (learn more about the campaign here). That means a second chance for stray puppies like Blaze and her sister Rose, who were covered in fleas and ticks when they were saved by Fluvanna SPCA (FSPCA) in Troy, Va. Director Jennie Shuklis tells us:


“FSPCA is a no-kill shelter, and we work with EVERY dog or cat in our care to help them find a home. This often requires medical treatments, treating conditions that owners believed were beyond the scope of their care and thus resulting in relinquishment or abandonment. Most of the dogs we receive are highly adoptable after medical and behavioral rehabilitation, and this grant helped us realize that goal for some of our friends.

“Roze and Blaze came to us as stray hound-mix puppies, only 6 weeks old, covered with fleas and ticks. They’re a pair of gentle, fun-loving sisters who only wanted to cuddle and play. The grant was able to help us work on grooming them, getting rid of all the ticks and scabs, as well as providing them with spays as they got older to make them more adoptable. Once they were healthier, they were put up for adoption and adopted to wonderful families within a matter of days.”

Punkin and many other dogs across the country have been helped by our Orvis operation grant program.

Donate to us through Global Giving from Oct. 14-Nov. 12 to double your impact!

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