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The latest blog posts from the Petfinder Foundation

Three Dogs’ Pain Eased by Emergency Medical Grants
Two ‘Graces’ Helped by Emergency Medical Grants
A Rabbit Is Treated for Horrifying Parasites
Working Together to Help Animals During Disaster
New Emergency Medical Grants Help Two Puppies
VIDEO: See the Lives Your Donations Have Saved
Helping Dogs Rescued from Georgia Puppy Mill
Improving Shelters Helps Pets for Years to Come
Win a Signed ‘Off the Leash’ Comic Print!
Foster Families’ Favorite Success Stories
Ask me about my Kennel Quilt!
A Special Boy, a Special Dog and an Amazing Story
A Rescue Vehicle Is Hit by a Drunk Driver
For Shelter Dogs, Happiness Saves Lives
Our New Rescue Van Will Save Lives in Detroit!
Happy Ending for Detroit Puppy With Two Broken Legs
In Detroit, a Former Outside Dog Finds a Place on the Couch
A New Van to Rescue Cruelty Victims in Detroit
Helping Desperate Pets in a Bankrupt Detroit
For Cats, Easing the Stress of Shelter Life
Happy World Spay Day!

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