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The latest blog posts from the Petfinder Foundation

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Our Favorite Stories from 2017
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Using Technology to Save Pets’ Lives
Saving Pets from Northern California Wildfires
Your Donations Helped These Injured Dogs!
More help for shelters affected by Texas, Oklahoma floods
Pets in Texas and Oklahoma Need Your Help!
Three Dogs’ Pain Eased by Emergency Medical Grants
Two ‘Graces’ Helped by Emergency Medical Grants
A Rabbit Is Treated for Horrifying Parasites
Working Together to Help Animals During Disaster
New Emergency Medical Grants Help Two Puppies
VIDEO: See the Lives Your Donations Have Saved
Helping Dogs Rescued from Georgia Puppy Mill
Improving Shelters Helps Pets for Years to Come
A Rescue Vehicle Is Hit by a Drunk Driver
For Shelter Dogs, Happiness Saves Lives
Our New Rescue Van Will Save Lives in Detroit!
Happy Ending for Detroit Puppy With Two Broken Legs
In Detroit, a Former Outside Dog Finds a Place on the Couch

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