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Almost 11 years ago, my wife and I decided that we were lacking in our household. We wanted a dog. I began cruising around this site someone had told me about. It was Petfinder; I was told it was a great way to find a pet as you worked all over the area allowing us to get in contact with our new friend wherever he or she may be. Well, we found a cutie of a dog on a site out of Vincennes, Ind. He looked just like the RCA dog and had this happy/goofy look on his face that we instantly fell in love with. We went through the background check and then extra checks because Grover was listed as an URGENT adoption case and the group wanted to make sure we were not just doing this to keep him from being put down.

Grover came to us as the biggest sweetheart you could want in a dog. Loving and always up to play, he drove us crazy as much as he made us laugh. I could go on for hours about his antics. Fast forward to present. After 11 years of love and devotion, Grover at 13 was hurting and winding down. He had come down with a combination of Canine Cognitive Disorder and Lyme disease. We had to make the toughest call and took the final trip to the vet with him last night. He was curled up in my lap, as was his favorite place to sleep, when they administered the shot, he peacefully laid his head on my leg and just went to sleep. I wanted you to know the joy and happiness you provided us by giving us the privilege of sharing our home with Grover. He was loved to the very end and still is. I woke up this morning and could have sworn I heard him clicking around the hardwood floors with his nails. Our home has a hole in it that will be tough to fill.–Steve Marcinkowski

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