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Furry Friday!

Furry Friday

Welcome to Furry Friday! We’ve teamed up with the wonderful sponsors of the Piece for Shelter Pets initiative to feature two adoptable pets every week for six weeks (this is the final week!). For Furry Friday’s grand finale, meet Lola and Surf!



Gorgeous shepherd mix Lola was shy and timid when first surrendered to Halfway to Home Animal Rescue in Mojave, Calif., but she’s since blossomed into a friendly, affectionate 45-lb. lap dog! She’s crate-trained, good with other dogs and would love to be your forever companion. Meet her here!


Handsome Surf came to Pets Alive in Middletown, N.Y., from a hoarding situation, but you’d never know it. He loves people, cats, sunbeams, cozy blankets, toys and everything good that life has to offer. While he may be a senior, he is so playful and happy that you will wonder if you can keep up with him! Meet him here!

Piece for Shelter Pets grew out of our partnership with The Quilt Pattern Magazine and its readers, who mobilized after Superstorm Sandy to sew Kennel Quilts — soft beds designed to fit right inside a cage at an animal shelter — to give peace and comfort to displaced pets.

The effort was so successful that the TQPM Kennel Quilt Team was born, and in the past five years, we’ve worked with quilters to get more than 10,200 Kennel Quilts to shelters across North America that have been impacted by natural and man-made disaster.

Aurifil Threads has since joined in with several thread collections benefiting the Petfinder Foundation. Two of those collections, Fifi and Fido and Happy Hounds, were curated to match Island Batik’s Fifi and Fido and Happy Hounds fabric collections. A portion of proceeds from the sale of these fabrics are also donated to the Petfinder Foundation!

Other Piece for Shelter Pets sponsors now include Quilty Box, Benartex Fabrics, and Hancock’s of Paducah! Quilty Box has released a limited edition Kennel Quilty Box, with 100% of proceeds going to the Petfinder Foundation. Benartex has designed and released a print line, The Joey Collection, in honor of a beloved rescue dog. And Hancock’s of Paducah is helping to raise awareness of the program and adoptable pets. THANK YOU to all of the sponsors and everyone who has made and donated Kennel Quilts.

How can YOU get involved? ADOPT! Or, get stitching and whip up your own Kennel Quilt. If you’re making Kennel Quilts and sharing them online, make sure to tag your posts #kennelquilts and #tqpmkennelquilts. And of course, you can always donate to the Petfinder Foundation or purchase any of the products mentioned above.

FETCH: New iPhone/iPad Game Stars Petfinder Dog

smiling bear

Meet Bear, the inspiration for FETCH!

FETCH, the newest adventure/arcade game from Big Fish Games, features a little boy named Milo and his quest to rescue his beloved dog, Bear, who’s based on a real-life pooch adopted through

Game director Chris Campbell adopted the real-life Bear from Saving Grace Rescue in Granger, Wash., in 2008. After Chris and his wife’s beloved dogs, Salvador and Izzy, passed away, they decided to adopt. After searching through hundreds of photos on Petfinder, they found Bear and knew right away that he was the one for them.

As Chris and Bear bonded, Chris started thinking about how he could share the love that he feels for Bear in a fun way. Since Chris works with games for a living, he thought that featuring Bear in a heartwarming game about a boy and his dog would be the ultimate tribute to his best friend.

But FETCH is more than just a tribute to Bear — it’s a love letter to all furry friends: In addition to Bear, more than 200 other real-life dogs are featured in the game. These dogs are all Big Fish Games employee pets or pets of family members and friends who wanted their pets featured in the game.

The game’s makers had the plot, a classic “boy and his dog” story, but they needed to add a fun, engaging, quirky action element. In the game, Bear is nabbed one stormy night by a mysterious fire hydrant (the real-life Bear loves to pee on every fire hydrant on his daily walks, it was only fitting that one be included in the game based on him). Players must then guide Milo in his quest to rescue his dog. Along the way, they are faced with challenges that include reuniting the Three Blind Mice, rescuing a giant alligator, exploring Pirate Islands, defeating aliens and more.

Because Chris and his wife found Bear on Petfinder, Chris wanted to give back in some way. That’s how the partnership between Big Fish Games and the Petfinder Foundation was born, and at the end of FETCH you’ll see the Petfinder logo. I am personally very excited to be involved in this partnership because I LOVE online games, and to find one that gives back to homeless pets was a double win!

Check out FETCH on iTunes, download it at the app store on your iPhone or iPad, or play the online version.

Read more about FETCH and Bear.


How YOU Help Shelters Win!

The Animal Rescue Site’s Shelter+ Challenge is back with even more opportunities for shelters and rescue groups to win: more than 200 prizes and $100,000 to be given away between now and April.

Peanut, now adopted, was helped thanks to a Shelter Challenge grant awarded to Alabama’s Prattville/Autauga Humane Shelter.

Already some great groups are opening up their mail to find checks and letters from us! And there’s plenty more to come. We are extremely grateful to The Animal Rescue Site for funding the challenge every year since 2008, giving more than $1 million in grants to help hundreds of shelters and rescue groups, chosen by your votes, better care for homeless pets.

The Shelter+ Challenge is also an incredible opportunity for so many organizations to earn funds, involve their online supporters and get the word out about what they do in their communities.

Above all, voting in the challenge is fair. Some organizations, unfortunately, have tried to game the system by emailing their supporters with ways to get around the contest’s one-vote-per-day limit. But deleting cookies or refreshing your browser won’t give your group more votes — and neither will any other “secret, surefire” methods. The contest comes with all types of safeguards to ensure that only legitimate votes are counted, and efforts to cheat only damage an organization’s reputation.

So vote online daily for your favorite shelter or rescue group. There are over $100,000 in prizes to be awarded and your vote can make a difference!