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In loving memory of my best friend Chubi, you may be gone but you will
live on forever in my heart, mind and soul.–Donald Shereck


In loving memory of Cody – the bi-coastal pup with the best dog mama in the world! You’re missed by all that knew you and will always be loved by many more who will simply miss #codydiaries.–The BiC Team


In memory of Bear, who was loved by all – even my “non-dog-person” husband! His sweet, goofy nature will never be forgotten.–Sheryl LaBoda


Swimming, diving for rocks, howling at sirens, running like the wind, running in an enormous circle of joy, rolling in the grass, barking for a treat, giving our cat Corny the look, protecting us, always from dogs. Hiking, running, swimming partner, protector of the family. Lake Washington, Ravenna, Mt.Si, Mt. Teneriffe, Copper Lake, Oregon, California, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado.–Diane Calkins


For just short of 15 years Toby enhanced our lives and brought us more love and happiness than we could have ever dreamed of. He had a great sense of humor, accompanied us on close to 6,000 miles of walks and made us feel worthy. He was a true gift from above and our lives will never be the same without him.–Lois & John Karhinen; Queensbury, NY


Cally was a rescue dog from the Brittany Spaniel Association. He especially loved my husband Michael HD and only tolerated women. When he passed away at age 17 years, he was dreaming of chasing rabbits and squirrels.–Jere Hopkins-Doerr


This donation is given to honor the memory of beloved Tallulah, a beautiful, sensitive soul who will always hold a special place in my heart. She was extraordinarily gentle and innately intelligent, yet gloriously goofy. She enriched my life in many marvelous ways. I miss her terribly, but cherish the joy she so generously gave to me. I love you, dear girl.–Majada Saucerman


In memory of sweet Chuchi, who was a traveling companion, a friend, and loved dearly. When I would walk Chuchi, people would actually stop their cars and ask, “what kind of dog is that? She is so beautiful.” She was indeed. She had these incredible, expressive, knowing eyes. She seemed so wise. She was a rescue at age 5 and lived a happy life to the age of 16. She lived through a leg amputation due to a tumor when she was 13, hospitalization due to severe pancreatitis, and countless other ailments. She was nothing if not tenacious! She had such a strong life force. She will always be in my heart.–Donna Callegari


In memory of Honey the Dog, a sweet and happy girl who brought smiles to everyone. I couldn’t have imagined when we met in 2004 that our lives would become inseparable, nor that 15 years wouldn’t be enough time together. Honey’s adorable mix of basset and Lab drew a lot of attention and she loved it. She was a loving dog who just wanted to eat, walk and be with people. Though I worked long hours and made her move a few times, she was always there for me — walking me to the door when I left and greeting me with her tail wagging when I got home. I miss that every day, Honey. And I’ll miss you always. Thank you to Angel Paws Rescue and Petfinder for bringing us together.–Toni Ruberto


Abi was rescued in 2010 and she was with me for a little bit over nine years. Abi was my best companion and friend during many transitions in my life. She was the most patient, calm and loving dog I could ever have. Across the 9+ years, we lived in eight different cities, including our transatlantic move to Germany 2.5 years ago. During the last year of her life, she enjoyed time in nature hiking with us. Abi passed away very suddenly from an undetected heart condition a day after we got engaged, as if her mission to leave me in the hands of a loving human lifetime companion was complete. We miss her every day. May you be in doggie heaven eating a lot of cheese and getting unlimited belly rubs from the angels. We love you forever, our beautiful wolf❤.–Gloria Cadavid