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A Shelter Saves Two Victims of Severe Cruelty

Adele, as she looks today. She’s waiting for her forever home at Greater Charlotte SPCA. Learn more about adopting her here.

We have some exciting news: For the second year in a row, Orvis is matching donations to the Petfinder Foundation dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000. This means the world to pets like Adele.

Adele the day she was rescued

Adele was rescued by Greater Charlotte SPCA, which used Orvis funds to help pay for her rehabilitation. Here’s what GCSPCA president Alex Wilson told us on Dec. 27:

Several of the puncture wounds on Adele’s face were infected.

“Thank you so much for the grant. We are going to use some of the money to help Adele. Adele was found as a stray on the side of the road today. She is terribly thin and covered in bite wounds and several of the punctures in her face are badly infected.

“She currently has a 104-degree temperature from the infection caused by the bite wounds she suffered from we believe, being a bait dog. Our vet is actually fostering her because she is going to need quite a bit of care (she will live in his home).

“We do not turn these dogs away when we receive a plea. We always try to figure out how to pay after we say yes. The grant will help us to not worry as much about saying yes.”

We recently asked Wilson for an update on Adele. She told us: “Adele is a super sweet and happy girl. She is great with people, even young kids. She is actually very energetic now and loves to run and play in the yard.” One potential adoption didn’t work out; understandably, for a former bait dog, Adele has some issues with other dogs and is now waiting for the perfect home in which she’ll be the only pet.

Ethan, found riddled with shotgun pellets, was also helped by the Orvis grant.

Wilson also told us the Orvis grant helped cover the care of another cruelty case, a dog named Ethan. “Ethan was found as a stray, heartworm-positive, with a deep cut on his face and his body was full of shotgun pellets,” she said. “He is still a very sweet and happy-go-lucky guy and he is in one of our foster homes recovering as well.

“We have had a lot of medical emergency cases recently and normally we have to be careful about taking on too many at once, but the grant has allowed us to take on more than we normally could. We are incredibly grateful for your generosity.”

Learn more about adopting Adele here.

Learn more about adopting Ethan here.

Donate today and Orvis will match your gift dollar-for-dollar so shelters and rescue groups can help more pets like Adele and Ethan.


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