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The latest blog posts from the Petfinder Foundation

More Grants for Ida Pets
How We’re Helping Ida Pets
More Grants to Help Texas Shelters
Texas Disaster Grant: Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue
Texas Disaster Grant: Palm Valley Animal Society
Texas Disaster Grant: Houston Humane Society
Texas Disaster Grant: NaNook and Koda
Helping Pets at Palm Valley Animal Society
Meet More Texas Pets We’re Supporting
Your Donations Helped These Texas Pets
Pets in Texas Need Help Now
How You Helped West Coast Wildfire Pets
Helping West Coast Animal Wildfire Victims
We’re Keeping Shelter Pets Safe from Dangerous Heat
Help Homeless Pets Stay Warm in Winter
Helping Dogs Traumatized by Hurricanes
Saving Pets from California Wildfires
Meet the Florence Victims Our Grant Recipients Saved!
We’re Helping Save Pets from Hurricane Florence
Helping Pets Burned and Displaced by California Wildfires
$20,000 to Humane Society of Puerto Rico

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