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Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This was a medical emergency grant for a cat named Suzie Q. She was painted purple and shot in the spine. The bullet caused hind-end paralysis and incontinence. We used money from this grant to fund acupuncture treatments and medical check-ups for Suzie Q.

Suzie Q continues to improve. Her condition is still tenuous, but the veterinarian in charge of her care is optimistic. Suzie Q is able to stand on her hind legs for a few second at a time, and we have seen her attempt to take a few steps with her back legs each day. This is a huge improvement over her initial condition when she arrived.

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Suzie Q was painted purple and shot in the spine. The bullet caused hind-end paralysis and incontinence. Here is the original post by the woman who rescued her: “To whoever tortured, shot, dumped and hoped to end the life of this precious, beautiful creature: You did not succeed. As she dragged her paralyzed body from underneath a car in a parking lot, her eyes only asked for help. No crying, no biting, and complete, immediate trust to human hands. She welcomed the blanket in the dark, cold, windy night and accepted human comfort despite the hell she had been through that day. Obviously socialized and a former pet to someone, with traces of a recently removed collar, she quickly fell asleep on the ride to the vet. Was it from exhaustion, pain, relief, acceptance of her end? We can only guess and speak on her behalf.

“To whoever tried to break this kitty’s spirit: You did not succeed. She has fought through this and is now resting comfortably in a warm bed after her surgery today. The pellet was successfully removed from the area around her spine, but the prognosis on her ongoing paralysis is not yet known. But rest assured, this amazing little kitty will now receive the love, attention and compassion she so greatly deserves. And you, whoever you are, will fade away from her memory into the oblivion you deserve. We speak for the animals — and you, who tried to harm this kitty, will receive your karma in due time. You did not succeed.”

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