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Southern WV Animal League: A Shot at Life Vaccination Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Cat vaccinations

We received 50 vaccinations. We were able to vaccinate 5 cats two times each and vaccinate 40 cats once. Because we had this grant, we were able to intake and assist additional stray kittens from the community who would not have otherwise been assisted through us. Of the felines assisted, a breakdown is as follows - rnrn1 - 2. Judy & Lincoln bonded kitten siblings - ADOPTEDrn3. Monti - ADOPTED rn4. BJ - ADOPTEDrn5. Emily - ADOPTEDrn6. Snow - PLACED IN FOSTER HOME rn7. Puff - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn8. Patrick - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn9. Sandy - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn10. Plankton - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn11. Sponge Bob - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn12. Yin - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn13. Yang - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn14. Pacer - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn15. Lucky - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn16. Stripey - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn17. Blackie - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn18. Gracie - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn19. Trudy - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn20. Tina - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn21. Momma - PLACED IN FOSTER HOMErn22. Athos - RECEIVED SLOT IN BOARDING (Received 2 vaccines from grant)rn23. Chloe - RECEIVED SLOT IN BOARDINGrn24. Brian - RECEIVED SLOT IN BOARDING (Received 2 vaccines from grant)rn25. Austin - RECEIVED SLOT IN BOARDING (Received 2 vaccines from grant)rn26. Dominique - RECEIVED SLOT IN BOARDINGrn27. Porthos - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUE (Received 2 vaccines from grant)rn28. Artemis - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUE (Received 2 vaccines from grant)rn29. Stubby - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn30. Junior - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn31. Tigger - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn32. Butter - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn33. Pigpen - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn34. Tom - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn35. Tim - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn36. Socks - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn37. Boots - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn38. Izzy - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn39. Stripe - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErn40. Dmitri - ACCEPTED INTO LAST CHANCE RESCUErnrn

How many pets did this grant help?

40 new intakes were helped and countless existing intakes indirectly by being able to provide these vaccines at no cost to the 40

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

1-2. Judy & Lincoln were siblings who we were able to intake solely because we had free vaccines provided to us. Otherwise, it would not have been in the budget. Upon intake it was noticed that Judy had a condition with her eye which a generous donor then sponsored the treatment for. Judy & Lincoln may not have been assisted otherwise. Judy has since healed and the siblings were adopted into a purrever home together. rnrn3. Monticola known as Monti for short came to us in a group of 5 kittens that we would not have been able to assist without the vaccine grant. Upon arrival Monti and his siblings were treated for URI & diarrhea. These conditions have since been treated and resolved and instead of being a stray cat, Monti was adopted into a loving purrever home. His sister Snow was placed in foster and we were able to board his 3 brothers – Dominique,Austin and Brianrnrn4. BJ was part of a group of 3 siblings as well – all were helped through the grant and otherwise would not have been had we not had the grant. BJ and his two sisters Blackie and Stripey were placed in foster care. The foster fell in love w/ BJ who looked like her cat CJ and immediately adopted BJ. In the photo HT Memphis 7, BJ is pictured sleeping while his older brother CJ (formerly known as Memphis and also adopted from SWVAL) watches over him.rnrn5. Emily and her siblings Butter, Gracie and Tigger were all assisted via the grant and otherwise would not have been without it. Tigger and Butter went on the trip to Last Chance Rescue. Last Chance is a larger rescue in Maryland and part of the CFC. Emily was adopted just before the trip and Gracie stayed behind due to a URI (since treated and resolved) and was placed into foster care. rn

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