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Fetch Foster and Rescue: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Fetch was awarded a variety of KONG enrichment toys, which were delivered to the dogs who were actively listed on Petfinder at the time of the award. The KONG toys provide much-needed mental and physical stimulation to these fostered dogs while they await adoption. As the dogs are adopted, they will bring their KONG toys with them to their new forever homes for continued enrichment. Fetch believes that interactive toys are a central part of a canine enrichment plan and we are grateful for the Kong grant award.

Each of the dogs who received a KONG toy from the grant received so much more than just a toy. Providing regular enrichment for fostered dogs is vital to their continued training and positive behaviors, leading to successful adoptions. The KONG toys allow the fostered dogs to engage in their innate behaviors, such as playing, chasing, smelling, chewing, and scavenging. Encouraging the dogs to engage in these behaviors leads to physical, emotional, and mental satisfaction, and a reduction in unwanted behaviors. The KONG Toy Grant has enhanced the possibilities of successful adoptions for our fostered dogs.

How many pets did this grant help?

The KONG Toy Grant helped 17 dogs.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Airbud (first photo) is one of our “last chance” dogs who has been patiently waiting for his forever home. Airbud spent the first three years of his life in a Texas shelter before Fetch brought him to Wisconsin and placed him in a safe foster home. For the past year, Airbud’s foster family has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate him and prepare him for adoption. Through the KONG Toy Grant, Airbud received a gift that will continue to provide him enrichment and mental stimulation while he awaits adoption. To learn more about Airbud, please visit his Petfinder profile.

Walter (second photo) is a 2-year-old bully mix who loves to explore outside and follow his nose. Walter can be a little stubborn and is working with a trainer to learn better listening skills. When Fetch received the KONG Toy Grant, Walter was one of the first dogs to receive a toy. He even got to choose his favorite from the box (third and fourth photos)!

While he is awaiting adoption, Walter finds great fun in playing with his KONG toy. His favorite thing is to roll the KONG toy around to get treats to fall out. Learn more about Walter from his Petfinder profile.

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