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Neenah Animal Shelter: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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The grant money is being used to help offset the cost of Rayne's medication once she is in a forever home.

This grant has helped the Neenah Animal Shelter promote Rayne for adoption. Since Rayne's medication is rather expensive, NAS felt she was getting overlooked for a home for that reason. The grant will allow her new family a transition period as well.

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Rayne was brought to NAS as a stray in July and was originally thought to have a bad case of fleas because she was missing a good amount of fur on her sides and tail. Once she was fully treated for fleas and her fur was not growing back, another vet appointment was scheduled. She was then diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, which affects her hormone production. Rayne has been on the proper medication since September and her health has improved greatly. Her completely hairless tail now has a cottontail look as the hair grows back. Her intense thirst has decreased some and she is no longer having accidents when out of her kennel. All in all, Rayne is happier now too. She is still searching for her forever home and we’ll keep looking. Meet Rayne:

UPDATE: Rayne’s adopter writes: “We adopted our beautiful dog Rayne from the Neenah Animal Shelter on March 21. She had been waiting for us since July 2016. While she was there, it was discovered she had Cushing’s disease. Thank you to the Petfinder Foundation for awarding the shelter a grant to cover the cost of her medications while she was in the shelter and during the transition into our home. Rayne is thriving. Thank you!!”

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