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Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, Inc.: Dog Field Trip/Short-Term Fostering Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

HAWS operates an innovative, solution-oriented animal shelter. HAWS recently added a 77-acre site, the Schallock Center for Animals, to its facilities, allowing the expansion of programs to an additional site. HAWS is committed to programs and policies that will make a difference, help for the long term, and are showing results.

HAWS, like many other shelters nationwide, is starting to see adoption rates slow, and adoptable dogs staying longer and longer at our shelter. The longer a dog stays in the shelter, the more likely it is to develop negative behaviors. These negative behaviors can multiply and result in the unfortunate consequence of a previously adoptable dog becoming unadoptable and/or a bite case. We have already developed and implemented the K9 Taskforce, a lifesaving mission to provide enrichment, training, and behavior-modification to improve quality of life while living in the shelter.

Recent scientific studies have shown that even short outings improve shelter dogs’ mental states. After taking the Short-term Foster and Field Trips course through Maddie’s University, the HAWS Behavior Department manager developed our new Outings and Overnights program as a facet of the K9 Task Force. Outings and Overnights provides another tool to make sure the dogs in our care are maintaining a healthy mindset and help them on their adoption journey.

We used the Petfinder Foundation Dog Field Trip Grant funds to purchase additional supplies as we expand the Outings and Overnights program, including: long lines (for exercising dogs that do not have a good recall); Adopt Me collars; Adopt Me leashes with handles; travel bags; portable dog water bottles; treat pouches; and toys for enrichment needs when dogs are out of the shelter.

Accounting report:
Long lines (11): $210.70
Travel bags (10): $249.90
Water bottles (5): $149.75
Treat Pouches (3): $44.97
Adopt Me Collars (24): $99.99
Adopt Me Leashes (10): $59.98
Enrichment Toys (24): $288.00
TOTAL: $1,132.29

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Niecy Nash (first photo) is a very special pup who spent the majority of her life here at HAWS. She came in as a transfer at only 3 months old and was here ever since. Growing up in a shelter is not easy, and at a very young age, Niecy joined the Mod Squad roster due to her being very mouthy.

Getting her out of the shelter was a priority so she could experience life on the outside, which made her an active participant of the Outings and Overnights program. She spent many weekends out of the shelter, where we were able to get more information about how she would be in the home. Niecy also had playdates out in Schallock with other dogs to help improve some of her social skills. Niecy was at HAWS for a little over seven months before she found the right family and a new place to call home.

Molli (second photo) came to HAWS as an owner-surrender. She was extremely fearful and shy and had a hard time adjusting to life at HAWS. Building her confidence was the focus, and when she became comfortable with you, she would do a full wiggle to show how excited she truly was to see you. She quickly became a staff favorite up at the front desk and would spend a majority of her time greeting people and bringing joy to the front desk staff.

After a few short months, Molli came out of her shell and let her true self shine through. She spent some time going on Outings; her favorite happened to be going to Culver’s and getting custard. In addition, she also was an active participant in the Outings and Overnight program and dog-behavior classes with volunteers.

Molli was in care with HAWS for 82 days before she found the right home. Molli got adopted on March 20, 2023, and everyone at HAWS was sad to see her go, but so happy for the new adventures and possibilities awaiting her.

Axel (third photo) has become a quick fan-favorite here at HAWS! When he first came on transport on April 8, everyone fell in love with his stunning looks. However, he was very jumpy and would use his mouth inappropriately with volunteers and staff. Due to this, he became a 2.0 dog walker, which truly allowed him to shine.

He has been on at outing at least once a week with a volunteer and even with some staff members. He is an excellent dog once he is away from the shelter and he is so social and sweet to everyone he meets, which makes taking him out on outings super fun and exciting! Axel is still waiting for the right new home, but in the meantime, he doesn’t mind grabbing pup cups with volunteers! You can meet Axel here.

Franklin (fourth photo) came to HAWS on the same transport as Axel and was considered by staff when looking at the potential dogs to bring up. He very quickly made it up to 2.0 dog-walker status due to excessive jumping and the excessive use of his mouth on volunteers and staff. In addition, he would leash-bite and turn a walk into a tug game. A large factor we needed to consider was getting him out of the shelter and meeting those energy needs!

With the help of outings, he was able to run in our Schallock Center, visit public spaces, and overall be seen by the public as a good boy! It wasn’t long before the right family came along, and they drove two hours just to meet him. It was an instant fit and Franklin found a family that would meet his energy needs and give him endless love. Franklin was adopted on May 12, 2023, and has been living his best life!

Kayna (fifth photo) is a 1-year-old mixed breed waiting for the right home. She is an active girl with lots of energy to spend and would benefit from daily mental and physical enrichment. She is slightly unsure of certain new environments and loud noises, so a home with teens or older would be the best fit to set her up for success. As if her fun, energetic spirit isn’t enough, Kayna would also love to share your fruits and veggies with you in exchange for all of her love.

The Outings and Overnights program plus a foster home has been instrumental in helping Kayna manage her energy and learn coping skills regarding new environments and noises. You can meet Kayna here.

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