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Tender Care Animal Rescue: A Shot at Life Vaccination Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The product was parvo vaccine for our foster dogs and Felv/FIV vaccine for our cats ready for adoption.

The vaccines help vaccinate our 5 week old pups with the parvo vaccine so they could start building up their immune system and with the large amount of cats in our facility the Felv/FIV vaccine helped us save money to use towards other things.

How many pets did this grant help?

Parvo vaccine helped 6 puppies, a mother dog, and 2 stray 1 1/2 years old dogs that came up from California with no vaccine records. The Felv/FIV vaccine helped 30+ cats and still counting.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Mostar (cat) came to us at the age of 4 months from our local shelter that was going to put him down. He is a brown tabby that has went every weekend for the past 7 months to our local adoption event. You could tell after the weekend was over this sweet; loving; plain jane kitty was sad that his brothers and friends were getting their forever home and he was still coming home with me. Two weeks ago Mostar went to our adoption event and this very sweet young girl that has a heart of gold asked if we have a cat that needs TLC? Tina(director of TCAR) and I looked at each other and replied, “MOSTAR”!!! Needless to say Mostar lives with her, her other cat that she adopted from us and dogs. They all get along and her heart is full of love!
Girlfriend(dog) was found in a neighborhood 3 months ago. She was starving, shy, and not wanting to trust anyone. One of our foster parents were able to get her in the car by treats and take her home. They worked with her social skills by taken her every where with them and introducing her to other animals big and small. We then decided to spay her and put her up for adoption within a few months. As she was sitting at another adoption event a 24 year old came to look at one of our puppies and before she knew it she was falling in love with Girlfriend. After an hour of playing with her she filled out the adoption papers and took her home. I am still in contact with her and Girlfriend which is renamed to Sookie.
Mickey Mouse(cat). This one is very close to my heart since I loved him from day one. Him and his 3 other siblings were bottle babies from last year. We called them the Mickey Mouse Gang. His sibling got altered at 3 months and started to get adopted right away. Mickey though watched as they all left and he continued to wonder why he wasn’t. Finally last weekend and elderly women that lives with her daughter and son in law came in to ask if we had baby kittens up for adoption? She was about to leave when we said we didn’t and then Mickey woke up from is cage and and stretched. It caught the womens eye and she asked for details. I sat and talked to her for 30+ minutes and by then I knew Mickey found his forever home. I’ve cried over some of our adoptions but my bottle babies that I spend a year+ with melts my heart when they can bond with someone and make what I do even more special then it already does.

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