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Welfare for Animals Guild (WAG): Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Travel expenses for prison trips $117.12
Dog food and treats 705.34
Medicine and first aid (Cosequin) 120.07
Training supplies 57.47
TOTAL $1,000.00

Our 2019 Orvis Animal Care grant supported WAG's Clallam Bay Corrections Center (CBCC) Program for three months. In the CBCC Program, puppies and dogs received the training and socialization they need in order to be suitable for adoption. Dogs in the program were paired with the incarcerated trainers, who cared for them around the clock every day. Additionally, WAG volunteers traveled to the prison weekly to visit the dogs and discuss training issues with the handlers. Some of the dogs who participate in the program require serious rehabilitation. They stay as long as required to pass the American Kennel Club obedience test. Thus, during the grant period, we had animals who graduated and were adopted, some who completed training and are now back at the WAG Ranch and eligible for adoption, and some who are still working on their training at the prison. Our Orvis Animal Care Grant provided food, treats, medicine, and training supplies for the Clallam Bay Corrections Center dogs and puppies, and also covered some of the travel expenses for WAG volunteer visits to the prison.

How many pets did this grant help?

About 50 dogs and puppies in the CBCC program are or will be helped by this grant.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

This grant supported WAG’s Clallam Bay Corrections Center Program, where our rescued puppies and dogs are paired with incarcerated handlers who provide the socialization and training the pups need in order to be adoptable. We would like to highlight the stories of three dogs who participated in the prison program during the grant period.

Chief (first photo) is a handsome male staghound who recently celebrated his first birthday. He belonged to a single man who fell on hard times and gave his puppy to friends who owned a farm, hoping to secure a happy future for him. But because of Chief’s high prey drive, common to his breed, he did not do well living on a farm and surrounded by chickens and other small animals. Luckily, the farmers entrusted with his care brought Chief to WAG. By this time, Chief had high anxiety and not many house manners, as he had always lived outside. During his prison training, he was able to overcome most of his anxiety and learn how to live as an inside pet. In May, our magnificent Chief was adopted by an awesome family, including two young children who adore cuddling and playing with him (second and third photo). He now has a big fenced yard, someone at home with him every day to guide and work with him, and even regular outings to the beach!

Sylvee (fourth photo) is a beautiful black and silver husky/shepherd mix, currently only about 7 months old. She was originally from Texas, and was brought to Washington State by a young couple traveling and living in their van. Poor Sylvee was crated all the time and deprived of food. When she was first taken in by WAG, she did not know how to live in a house or even how to eat out of a bowl, though she was remarkably sweet and trusting. Sylvee spent some weeks at WAG, where she came to feel safe, gained weight and confidence, and grew completely healthy. Little Sylvee got lots of attention and care from the volunteers at WAG, who described her as “loving, so patient for a puppy, and a jewel” and “bright, fun, and beautiful; full of spirit.” Once she was ready, Sylvee entered the prison program, where she quickly became a well-adjusted young dog, receiving the basic training she still needed. At the end of July, Sylvee was adopted by a phenomenal couple with an active lifestyle. Not only has she gained a loving home, she now has a wonderful big brother, Koda, with whom she bonded immediately (fifth and sixth photos). Her new family has already sent WAG a video of Sylvee and Koda racing around their beautiful yard together — such a joyous scene!

Andy, a friendly whippet mix/border collie mix (seventh and eighth photos), is 2 years old. He lived for short stints in several homes before being voluntarily relinquished to WAG. Though his former groomer described him as “the ultimate good boy,” Andy did not do well in busy homes and was reactive when overstimulated. With a lot to learn, he is currently at the prison, where he is thriving under the care of a patient and experienced trainer. Young Andy has learned to focus his attention, use his boundless energy wisely, walk calmly on a leash, and obey basic commands — and now he is ready for his forever home! Sleek and athletic, young Andy loves to play ball, is built for agility and other canine sports, and would make a great hiking partner. He is already housetrained and would love a canine companion. This striking guy is going to be a fantastic companion for his lucky adopter! You can find out more about Andy here.

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