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Center Valley Animal Rescue: Tractor Supply Company Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

CVAR used the grant money to complete and build two horse pasture shelters. Cement floors had been laid for both shelters and one shelter had been partially constructed. Both shelters are now completed. Labor for the project came to $870.00 and additional materials needed came to $716.34 for a total of $1586.34. CVAR used the Petfinder/Tractor supply grant for the first $1,000.00 and CVAR paid out of its own reserves for the remainder.

CVAR is located in Quilcene, WA, an area which experiences fall and winter rain and snow storms. It is essential for the well being of our large farm animals to have adequate shelter during inclement weather. Additionally, the shelters are used as a shelter for the feed for these animals so that the feed does not become water logged or moldy. A third reason for the shelters is to enable our Veterinarian to examine and treat animals with a cement floor and a sheltered roof.

How many pets did this grant help?

CVAR takes care of an average of 140 to 150 animals at any given time. As one of the few local places which takes large farm animals, CVAR averages around 10 to 14 horses, 4 llamas, 2 alpacas, 3 sheep, 4 goats, 1 emu, 1 large steer and 1 large pig.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Page was one of four horses who came to CVAR through the efforts of CVAR and the local sheriff department. Page, a 25 year old thoroughbred, was in the worst shape. Along with being covered with lice and other parasites, she had three split hooves and a heart murmur due to muscle breakdown from starvation. This once beautiful racehorse looked pathetic. In just the first 24 hours, each horse put on about 20 pounds with just water and bland grass hay. After a month, they had gained 76 to 189 pounds. Page was the one who gained the most weight. It’s amazing what proper feeding and good medical care and love can do.

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