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Furry Friends: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Your generous grant paid the veterinary bills for Maggie, a year-old orange tabby, who needed extraordinary medical assistance over the course of five months.

The funding from the Petfinder Foundation enabled Maggie to receive the medical care she desperately needed, thus enabling her to live a long, happy, and healthy life in her forever home with her new adoptive parents. Her placement also allows us to open up a space for another cat in need of assistance and a permanent home.

How many pets did this grant help?


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Maggie, an adorable little orange tabby, was relinquished to us as a stray. She had extremely labored breathing, was malnourished, was sneezing continuously, had nasal discharge, and was infested with fleas and ear mites. She weighed only 5 lbs., two to three pounds less than she should have weighed. After numerous vet visits, x-rays, and several courses of antibiotics and steroids, it was discovered that she had a one-inch nasal polyp blocking her airway. The polyp was removed immediately and, after she recovered, Maggie was spayed and vaccinated.

Maggie is now living with her new adoptive parents. Her new mom tells us: “Tyler and I are so happy and grateful to have Maggie home and a part of our little family! I am so happy that you were able to get a grant to help pay her medical bills. I cannot express enough the happiness, love, and joy she brings to me; She is the center of Tyler’s and my universe. I made sure to take some time off so I could get some time with her as she adjusted. I think it definitely helped her that Tyler and I visited her every week at the shelter until she came home with us.”

“Maggie was a volunteer favorite,” says Furry Friends board president Jennifer Hart. “We are all worried about her health and were overwhelmed when the Petfinder Foundation stepped up to help pay her medical bills. Thank you!”

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