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Furry Friends: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

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Medical expenses for Portland the cat

Portland was a cat in rough shape. We were encouraging donations to help pay for his expenses. Furry Friends is an all-volunteer cat rescue and is supported by individual donations. Portland was the most expensive cat that we have had so far.

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Portland was a mess when he came to us, with scratches, hematomas, ear mites and a swelling on his abdomen. We estimate him at only 5 years old, but he has been through something terrible. He had to have one of his kidneys removed because of a large cyst growing around it. X-rays revealed his jaw had been broken at one time; it has healed and has no effect on his teeth or eating, but his smile is a little crooked, which only adds to his character. He is doing so well and is such an awesome cat through all of this. He is an energetic, very talkative, affectionate boy and he is always hungry! He deserves a good, long life in a loving, safe home.

Portland tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), and because he only has one kidney, the veterinarian recommended he be on a prescription kidney-care diet for life. He was adopted in September 2019 and is now living the good life.

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