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MEOW Cat Rescue: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Thank you so much for your donation to benefit Sweet Pea! She is a most special girl! Being incontinent due to spinal injuries earlier in her life, Sweet Pea has been with us for nearly three years now. She has become our office manager at MEOW. She's so smart and funny, and she loves everyone, human and feline.

Sweet Pea is prone to urinary-tract infections, so she's on a prescription diet and her health is watched carefully. On a fairly frequent basis, a lab urinalysis is done to ensure that any urinary issues can be detected and treated early.

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant helped us to pay for a recent urinalysis for Sweet Pea. Thank you!

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Here’s Sweet Pea’s story and description on Petfinder. “Sweet Pea is a very special cat. Her owners reluctantly surrendered her to MEOW, along with 18 of their other cats. Sweet Pea was near death when she arrived, weighing barely 5 lbs., covered in urine, and clearly in pain. We rushed her to one of our favorite vets, who determined that Sweet Pea had pyometra (an infected uterus) that had probably been present since she birthed a litter months before. Also, because of a spinal injury (she had been hit by a car at some time), she was incontinent. Dr. T treated her infection, then spayed her, and while she was out, he extracted a bad tooth. After her recovery, she has become our beloved office cat. While we all adore her and she entertains us daily, we would love for her to have her very own home.

“Now, the only outward indication of her dire injuries is the fact that her tail hangs low and off to the left, and she has a crooked smile. She has doubled her weight and is full of energy. She runs and leaps to great heights to catch her favorite toy, DaBird. She loves people and other cats and would be great with children. She is social and talkative, and very, very smart. We’re pretty sure if she were human she’d be a comedian — perhaps a physical comic like Lucille Ball. She cracks us up every day!

“She remains incontinent and we expect she will always need to have her bladder expressed 2-3 times each day, but she is cooperative and easy to handle. We can teach you how to do this for her. Immediately following each bladder expression, she runs off to do something silly, letting you know how happy you’ve made her. She doesn’t make a mess and would be quite easy to accommodate in a home with people who have a heart for pets with special needs.”

Meet Sweet Pea:

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