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MEOW Cat Rescue: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

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Two kittens, Chanel and Shalimar, from a hoarding situation, were very near death when they arrived. Over the following weeks they hovered between life and death.

The kittens had to have extraordinary medical care while struggling to overcome their very difficult beginnings.

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Chanel and Shalimar are bonded siblings and will be adopted as a pair. Chanel is a domestic short hair black-and-white and Shalimar is a Siamese mix with medium hair. These kittens were rescued from a hoarding situation and were very ill when they arrived at MEOW. They’ve been in a foster home since the end of July and have made a full recovery. They are both so sweet, social, friendly, healthy and happy. They have been living with adult cats and a dog and have gotten along famously with all of them. They are both perfect ladies about using the litterbox. Meet Chanel and Shalimar:

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