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Gerda's Equine Rescue, Inc.: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funds received for TeeDee went directly towards paying his medical bills for his sarcoid removal surgery. This was his second procedure and the doctors attempted to remove and freeze the area this time. They are hopeful that it will not return and he'll be able to live a long and happy life.

This grant helped to make TeeDee's surgery possible. We were able to raise funds for his first surgery ($3,000) but donations fell short in our fundraising efforts for the second surgery. This grant allowed us to get TeeDee the care he needed while the sarcoid was still small and helped increase his chances that the surgery was successful and that this youngster will go on to live a long and happy life. It has helped make TeeDee more adoptable and will hopefully help us find his new forever home.

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TeeDee is a big pinto baby whom we found in a feedlot at only 2 years old. He arrived as a very sick, skinny youngster who now looks cared-for and happy. TeeDee had sarcoid [skin tumor] removal surgery on his hind leg a few weeks ago and he is recovering now. The vets are hopeful that the surgery did the trick and the sarcoid won’t return. We’re looking for someone experienced with young horses to bring him along slowly and with patience. He is a clean slate and is as kind and gentle as can be. Meet TeeDee here.

Update Nov. 18, 2018: We’re still treating TeeDee’s sarcoid and the vet we are working with believes that topical medication should get rid of the section of sarcoid that remained after surgery.

Here’s the other, very exciting part! Baby TeeDee will be competing in Rescue to Stardom at the World Horse Expo in Pennsylvania this year! We’re very excited because he’ll be getting the training he needs as a young horse while his leg continues to heal and we’re sure he will find a home of his own after the contest!

The official announcement will be made next week but we wanted to thank you for seeing the potential in him and helping him get this far with the Petfinder Foundation grant. Here are some pictures of him with his trainer for the event (fourth and fifth photos).

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