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Gerda's Equine Rescue: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Funds from this grant were used as follows:
$300.00 - 50 bale of hay
$139.95 - Five bags of Purina Ultimate Gastrogard Grain
$114.95 - Five bags Purina Strategy Healthy Edge Grain
$445.10 - Shipping

After seven months of searching for their new home, Will and Chance finally found it thanks to the Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Grant! Being able to offer them with free transport to their new home and a supply of hay and grain to get them started was just what they needed to find their happy ending!

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Will and Chance are two handsome paint geldings who lost their owner to cancer at a young age. She was a beloved equine dentist from New Jersey who showered these boys with all the love and attention they could have possibly asked for. They have lived together since they were colts and are extremely bonded.

They were adopted out in 2018 into a home that they thought would be their last, but the woman grew tired of horses and neglected to feed them. As soon as we found out about the situation, we drove to her farm and she relinquished ownership back to us. They put weight back on and were ready for a new home where they could enjoy retirement together. After searching for seven months, they finally found the home of their dreams thanks to the Petfinder Foundation’s Senior Pet Adoption Grant!

Their new dad, Craig, had lost his beloved horse recently and was searching for the perfect fit to fill the void in his heart. Will and Chance more than fit the bill with their loving personalities, and the three of them are enjoying getting to know each other through snuggles and brushing! Thank you, Petfinder Foundation, for helping to make their happy ending come true!

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