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Advocates for Abused and Abandoned Pets: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Our sweet girl, Maddie, was the beneficiary of this generous grant.

Since our medical bills consume the largest portion of our operations budget, aside from a little starter food, we do not give out goodie bags. We knew Maddie's adopters would be "special" people since Maddie didn't have that "appeal" so many potential adopters are looking for and we wanted to acknowledge what a special pup Maddie is to her new companion/family.

We are cautious to advertise anything "free" so we simply stated that Maddie would come with a gift bag.

This grant allowed us to purchase an array of great items for Maddie, from her special food, orthopedic bed, and new collar/leash and harness, to heartworm and flea/tick medication.

We are so grateful for the financial support to help Maddie find her forever family! As you can see in the pictures, Maddie is right where she should be!

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When we brought Maddie into the rescue, we knew she would not appeal to just anyone.

While we found her irresistibly cute with a personality to match, Maddie has an underbite which shows her bottom, spaced-out teeth with her crooked little jaw. She had a hematoma in her right ear that was never treated early on, so one ear is lumpy and flops over while the other stands erect.

Maddie also had significant skin issues when she came to us — her sides and back were covered with pustules and, on top of that, she was an overweight 8 year old with food and other allergies, so her face and belly were always red and itchy.

Maddie went into a foster home, lost weight, and her pustules disappeared. Although she still has reactions to certain things, she is clearing up nicely.

We find “imperfect” pets perfect and we gladly accept the challenge to find all our amazing pets the right families. And we did! Leslie saw Maddie’s post and called and, well, the rest is history.

What does Leslie say about her new “daughter?” “She is beyond perfect, a total joy. She has started playing with toys with Henry — mostly taking them and running away so he chases her. It’s hysterical. I can’t get over how smart she is — she is an absolute treasure!”

Maddie was adopted on Oct. 29, 2022.

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