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A Taste of Heaven Sanctuary, Inc.: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Medical treatment for one dog (Dakota):
Ruptured eye removal
Teeth cleaning
Associated prescriptions

A Taste of Heaven Sanctuary is a small rescue with limited funds dependent on donations. This grant enabled us to save Dakota from [an open-admission] shelter and provide all the medical treatment she needed.

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Here is a summary of Dakota’s journey to finding a new home: Dakota was found in a crate outside at the Charles City County Animal Shelter with the note, “Found on Route 5 at Route 618.” She did not have any identification. She was very friendly, thin and appeared to have a eye rupture. The county shelter is [an open-admission] shelter. A Taste of Heaven Sanctuary saw the love of life in her and knew she had a lot to give anyone who was willing to help her. We also tested her for heartworms, and she was positive. This did not deter us.

We rescued her and, with the Petfinder Foundation’s grant, she received all the immediate medical care she needed. While she is heartworm-positive, we chose the slow method of removal due to her age. When she was spayed, it was found she also needed a hysterectomy, which was unknown at the time of grant request.

Dakota is still searching for her forever home. She experiences separation anxiety and will require a home that accommodates her special needs. Dakota will be perfect in a home with retired caregiver(s) or another environment where a member of the family is home the majority of the day. Until she finds that home, she is safe here at A Taste of Heaven Sanctuary enjoying life with our other residents. Meet Dakota:

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