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Middleburg Humane Foundation: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF) is deeply appreciative of the Petfinder Foundation's award of a COVID-19 Operation Grant. The funds were used to pay for the medical expenses we incurred to have five cats spayed or neutered and vaccinated to prepare them for adoption.

MHF took in 40 cats between March 20 and April 7, 2020, at the request of Fauquier County Animal Control. The cats ranged in ages from two weeks to six years, and one of the cats was pregnant upon intake. She delivered five kittens, three of which survived. Three of the 40 cats were mothers with young kittens. The cat that delivered kittens, her three surviving kittens, and two of the mother cats along with their kittens were transferred to Animal Welfare League of Arlington (15 cats total were transferred). MHF kept the remaining 23 cats and provided the medical care required to make them available for adoption. The Petfinder Foundation's grant helped to pay for these medical costs. To date, 21 of the cats have been adopted and one cat is in foster care with intent to adopt. Only one of the 40 cats, Susie, remains at the shelter.

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Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF) took in 40 cats between March 20 and April 7, 2020, in connection with a hoarding situation at the request of Fauquier County Animal Control. Susie is one of these 40 cats. She came in with two of her own kittens and a grey kitten that clearly wasn’t hers, but whom she was nursing and caring for nonetheless. The sight of the three kittens together caused an impromptu round of song: “One of These Things is Not Like the Others.”

Susie and her babies went into foster care for decompression and socialization, and Susie’s babies have been adopted. Susie is now at the shelter waiting for her forever home. She was a great mother to her babies and showed her gentle nature by taking in an orphan. We hope this sweet cat finds her people soon. You can meet Susie here.

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