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Hanover Humane Society: A Shot at Life Vaccination Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The vaccines were administered to dogs that are/were in our adoptions program.

We were able to use the vaccines provided when vaccinating our dogs/puppies rather than buying them. This grant allowed us to ensure our animals are fully vaccinated and use our funds for other purposes such as food and veterinary care.

How many pets did this grant help?

A total of 116 animals received vaccines, but some animals received mutliple vaccines.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Champion, a 2-year-old male Rottweiler, entered our program because his owner committed suicide. Unfortunately, no one in the home was in a position to care for Champion so they appealed to Hanover Humane for help. Champion, an intact male, was very protective of his yard/family and was not vaccinated, on heartworm preventative, etc. After a lengthy introduction, our volunteers were able load Champion into a crate and take him to our facility. Champion’s socialization was a lengthy process which was complicated by his lack of English. Champion, who only responded to Spanish voice commands, was very unhappy and fearful. Had Champion gone to a pound following his owner’s death, he certainly would have been euthanized. Champion was a project, as we had to handle his sterilization, vaccinations, heartworm testing, etc. while trying to socialize him. Champion stayed with us for many months; during that time, one of our dedicated volunteers worked with him daily. Ultimately, we were able to recently place Champion in a forever home with a wonderful family. Champion lives with his new family and a female Rottweiler, and we receive emails, etc., from his new family so we know he’s happy and doing well.

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