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Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation: Play Yard Renovation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We have three large windows that are quite accessible within our play yard, creating an "observation area" inside (fifth and sixth photos). We used $2,084.42 of grant funds to purchase new windows (on April 16, 2020), with an additional $250.38 spent on miscellaneous costs (on May 15, 2020). The strength of this new double-pane window will go a long way in keeping our more rambunctious pups safe when they bounce around our fun play yard.

Seven total windows that are accessible to the play yard were ultimately replaced and updated appropriately. Labor charged on this entire renovation totaled $1,771.36 (on June 7, 2020), which allowed us to get our new windows installed and rotted window frames entirely repaired.

We spent the remaining $893.84 of grant funds on the deposit for a contractor who began repairing our outdated gutter/downspout system (seventh and eighth photos). The remaining project costs have been donated. Contractors removed and replaced our old gutters and installed downspouts that better direct water away from our play yard.

A fun play yard is a safe play yard, and with the generous grant support of the Petfinder Foundation, LDCRF was able to make significant and necessary upgrades. The new windows that protrude into the play yard are now of appropriate strength and installation to adequately seal off that entire area. Replacing the higher windows prevented the hazard of such old windows and materials further deteriorating and potentially falling into the play yard. We appreciate both the added security and safety this affords to the rescue animals playing in our care.

The gutter project will help us tackle drainage issues and avoid unsafe, stagnant water from pooling. This will make a world of difference in preventing such water from further eroding the play yard. The gutter/downspout improvement is a key prerequisite to our future goal of ultimately regrading the entire play yard.

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant continues to serve the various dogs that enjoy our safer and updated play yard to this day. It’s also helped many pets that have already gone through our rescue process this year—especially as of late due to increased activity related to the pandemic (with LDCRF at 2,104 pets rescued and 1,937 adoptions this year to date)!

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Tony (first photo) is a member of our Champions program and has directly benefited from our updated play yard, where he received individualized attention and care from our volunteers who work to rehabilitate dogs with behavioral challenges. He has improved greatly and is now available for adoption. Meet Tony here.

Ishi and Deeks (second photo) are not available for adoption just yet and are in the process of growing to be their very best selves. Our new play yard provides a safer and more controlled environment that is a critical space for our Champions program to operate. It, too, is a beloved place for countless animals in our care that enjoy enriching play groups.

Ishgell, who can be seen in the third photo lying down in the pool, was one of our longer-stay dogs. We’re happy to report that after work in our Champions program and frequent use of our play yard, Ishgell was adopted in late September of this year and is happy in her new home.

We’re grateful that, with grant support from the Petfinder Foundation, we were able to strongly improve the functionality, safety, and security of our play yard. Our organization thanks you for your impactful support and generosity.

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