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Feline Foundation of Greater Washington (FFGW): Cat Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The $800 grant was used to purchase cat-enrichment supplies including interactive toys, comfortable bedding, and Feliway calming pheromone spray. In order to provide items with the greatest impact, we asked our volunteers directly: What products would you most like to have for the cats in your care? The response was quick and enthusiastic! They wanted and received cat trees, sherpa igloos, Cat Dancer toys, turbo chasers/scratchers, travel-size Feliway, catnip and wand toys. It felt like a surprise birthday party! The larger items are retained by the fosters for ongoing use, and favorite toys or beds go with the cats as they move to their forever homes.

The grant money allowed us to purchase items that had an immediate positive impact on the cats housed by our foster-based rescue volunteers. In addition to providing stimulating toys and comforting resting areas for the cats themselves, the grant also had a positive impact on our fosters. These funds allowed FFGW to be responsive to requests from fosters for items they need in order to provide the best possible care for animals who are often scared, timid, and anxious as they enter a new environment. By making the foster experience as easy as possible for felines and humans alike, the cats are adopted faster, and the fosters feel confident and are quickly ready to accept the next needy cat. This is clearly a win-win situation, as it increases our rescue capacity and saves more lives!

How many pets did this grant help?

40 and counting!

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Patches was removed from a hoarding situation, weaned from her kittens, spayed, and housed in two foster homes. In short, by the time I met her she was tired, scared and withdrawn. I was warned that she would be a long-term project. My first goal was to provide a calm space for her to relax, so I set up a Feliway diffuser in a quiet room. After two days of her hiding under the bed, I wanted to encourage interaction, so I reached for the irresistible Cat Dancer. She started playing before the crinkly package was even open! Two days later, Patches was happily exploring the larger surroundings — the perfect time to introduce a catnip-infused cardboard scratcher. My “long-term project” was adopted on Day 7 and went home with a delighted 10-year-old girl! THANK YOU, PETFINDER FOUNDATION!

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