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Cache Humane Society: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Cache Humane Society officially opened our 2.5-acre public off-leash dog park on June 25, 2016. We celebrated the outcome of a three-year capital campaign with a fantastic day of live music, dog agility competitions, and product demos in our brand new Valley View Dog Park. The dog park includes pathways, picnic areas, and built-in agility challenges. On July 19, 2016, someone dropped a lit cigarette on a patch of wood chips inside the dog park. The fire destroyed a shed containing training supplies and 40 feet of fencing. It also damaged the electrical box controlling sprinklers. We were forced to close the dog park immediately and seek funding for emergency repairs. Petfinder Foundation support allowed us to begin rebuilding within days of the fire. Volunteers helped remove thousands of pounds of damaged material to prepare for new construction. We immediately repaired the electrical damage and began work on the fence. With the Petfinder Foundation's support and a generous donation of materials from Home Depot, we were able construct over 40 feet of new fence and reopen the Valley View Dog Park less than two weeks after the fire.

The Valley View Dog Park is one of only two off-leash dog parks in Cache County, home to an estimated 22,000 companion dogs. Our dog park provides a safe and welcoming space to socialize, exercise, and train shelter and community pets. We work with K9 Unleashed, a local positive-behavior-training company, to provide on-site socialization, obedience, and agility courses. Our animals are more adoptable because of quality time spent in play groups, and public dogs have a comfortable and fun place to go for training and socialization. Petfinder Foundation support was instrumental in allowing us to quickly recover from the fire that destroyed fencing and equipment. The Valley View Dog Park re-opened less than two weeks after the event, with over 40 feet of new fencing and a fully functional sprinkler system.

How many pets did this grant help?

60 shelter dogs and countless public animals

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Leona was a beautiful young Staffordshire terrier mix who struggled to find the right home. She spent more than six months in our facility, with multiple failed adoptions due to behavioral issues. She was loving and responsive with familiar people, but new faces and unfamiliar environments made her nervous and reactive. Leona finally found her person, a young returning U.S. veteran looking for a companion. Their frequent visits to the Valley View Dog Park provide them both with friendly and fun socialization in a welcoming environment. We’ve watched Leona become a confident and happy dog through her participation in dog-park playgroups. The Petfinder Foundation’s support allowed us to quickly re-open this valuable community space after an unexpected and costly disaster.

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