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Humane Society of Utah: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money was used specifically to offset and waive adoption fees for cats in our care.

Many people seek to adopt pets, but since we provide significant veterinary care to animals relinquished to us, we do have an adoption fee so that we can cover our costs and remain operational. But, because there are adoption fees, some people are unable to adopt pets because they may not have immediate funds to cover the fees. As a result, we seek funding to offset adoption fees so that pets who are able to be adopted can go to loving homes. This grant provided waived adoption fees to cats waiting to be adopted. We focused on cats who had been in our shelter for 20 or more days.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

When we received Madam (first photo) at the Humane Society of Utah, she appeared timid. She was not as playful as other cats. Due to her age (11), she was with us for over a month. We decided to use the Petfinder Foundation cat adoption-fee waiver program to find her a family. She was adopted by a couple without kids because she prefers a quiet and relaxed home and she is now thriving with her new family.

Kiki (second photo) came to the Humane Society of Utah fearful of new people and she also had little interest in other cats. We found that she was not doing well in our adoptions center, as there are many cats waiting to be adopted there. She was fostered in an office with a staff person for a month while we worked to find someone to adopt her who could provide the kind of environment where she could thrive. We were able to waive her adoption fees through the Petfinder Foundation program and found a loving family who had recently had their senior cat pass away. Kiki is now thriving in her new home as the sole feline in the house.

This grant provided waived fees for cats to be adopted. We were able to adopt out 56 cats using these funds. Also we worked with seniors interested in adopting cats and we matched them with cats who had been in our shelter for 20 or more days. These funds were able to be used to match up seniors with these cats. Overall, 68 cats were adopted into loving homes with these funds.

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