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Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

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The $90 was used towards PeeWee's physical therapy treatments.

The $90 grant helped with care over and above normal medical treatments.

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This is a very special guy, who is lucky to have ended up with Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas to get some of the help he needs. Pee Wee was found in bad condition, matted and apparently neglected for quite some time. Based on the way he tried to walk when he first arrived, we thought he had some broken bones. A trip to the vet proved that was not the case. Instead, he has what is probably a birth defect, and his spine crooks to the left — like “doggie scoliosis.” Those watching him walk do a double-take, as he kind of “crab walks” and drags a leg. His organs and body are otherwise healthy. He is not in pain, but MSRNT has been giving regular therapy to Pee Wee, in hopes of giving him the best chance to regain the use of the dragging leg.

His PT and treatments include underwater treadmill therapy, an obstacle course and a series of stretching exercises. As he works his way through his physical therapy, we hope that he will learn that he can bear weight on the fourth leg, and get around more easily. PeeWee is 5 years old and 10 lbs. Meet PeeWee:

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