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Second Chance Pets: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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Second Chance Pets is hopeful that the generous funds provided by this Petfinder Foundation grant will help us find a forever home for Eeyore, a sweet, senior, special-needs cat who has been in SCP foster care since April 2021 with, sadly, no adoption interest.

Finding adopters willing to open their hearts and home to a senior pet is difficult in general, and Eeyore's situation is complicated by his heart condition, mild hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which will require additional monitoring and likely more expensive vet care over his lifetime.

The availability of these funds to help offset Eeyore's medical care after he gets adopted is truly appreciated, and we hope the grant will help attract just the right family to give sweet Eeyore the forever home he truly deserves.

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Eeyore was impounded at a high-volume county shelter as a stray in February 2021 with a severe case of contagious mange. He became very sad and depressed being isolated in a tiny shelter cage during his treatment.

He was rescued by Second Chance Pets on April 29, 2021, so he is about to mark one full year in foster care. While he is grateful to be safe and loves his foster mom, he dreams of having a forever home of his own with a loving family he can bond with.

Eeyore’s super-sweet personality quickly blossomed in foster care, but sadly he is often overlooked at our adoption events because, after spending such a long time isolated in a shelter cage, he gets sad being caged even for a few hours at our events so he usually just takes a nap rather than interacting to charm visitors.

Being a senior and having special medical needs can make it more difficult for him to catch an adopter’s eye as well, so we are truly grateful to have the Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Grant funds to offer post-adoption financial assistance to his future forever family.

Eeyore is still available for adoption and you can meet him here.

UPDATE July 1, 2022: Just wanted to share the wonderful news that our special-needs senior kitty Eeyore has been adopted by the purrfect forever family! 💕🎉 Eeyore has a heart condition (HCM) as well as being FIV-positive, so the financial assistance from the $1,000 Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Grant will be much appreciated by his new family when he needs medical care.

As always, thank you so much for the Petfinder Foundation’s ongoing support of our rescued pets!

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