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New Life Cat Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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On April 5, 2022, our rescue was brought a kitten who had been left for dead on the side of the road with a hanging right leg. She was immediately rushed to the vet, where x-rays showed no broken bones, but it was confirmed that she had torn ligaments in her shoulder, leaving it useless. We were then instructed to wait four weeks, try to let her body heal as much as possible, and then re-asses.

On April 8, the little kitten we named Brenda's right leg swelled up and she also had an oozing section of her paw. Thankfully, with some quick cleansing and antibiotics, the swelling was going down and her paw was healing nicely.

On April 16, Brenda experienced another sudden swelling episode, but this time it was her whole shoulder area and she had a very noticeable fever (later we found out that it was 106.3 degrees). We rushed her to VEG (Veterinary Emergency Group) ER, where they confirmed that she had a large, growing abscess.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to drain the abscess, after several attempts it was deemed too risky to continue and we all agreed that amputation ASAP was needed so that the infection could be removed.

CHEW Animal Clinic in Dallas performed her amputation surgery and provided her follow-up care. She has adjusted amazingly to three-legged life and never slowed down with her playing.

Despite her rough start in life, Brenda is a bright ray of sunshine. She ADORES attention and is always purring!

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The Emergency Medical Grant helped us provide the care Brenda needed. This precious girl was brought to us after being found in the road, in shock and badly injured.

It turned out she had a progressing leg injury and infection and her right front leg couldn’t be saved, but she adjusted quickly to getting around with the use of three legs while she awaited the necessary amputation surgery.

With the help of our donors and the Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant, she had her amputation surgery and has done amazing with her recovery in the months since thanks to her wonderful foster mom.

We love a happy ending and are so glad to share that she has been adopted by the same family who found her and saved her from the road and an uncertain fate. Her new human and cat siblings just adore her, too.

Thank you to the Petfinder Foundation for your part in making this sweet day possible!

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